The Al-Quds Falafel Experience

Falafel is an enchanted rare food that everybody can’t get enough of. Alongside the pantheons, like pizza and fries, it goes well with tahini sauce and a drizzle of hot sauce. You’re in for a maelstrom of flavours and textures. This is considered as comfort food for many, and a quick bite for the busy people. If you haven’t tried a falafel yet, you’re missing a lot, and it’s never too late. Here are some of the things to expect in tasting your first Al-Quds Falafel.

Crispy Crusty

The key to a great falafel experience starts with texture and the size of the ground chickpea. If its too finely crushed the falafel would be too dense. If it’s not finely ground enough, it will be hard and brittle. So it has to have a texture of a finely chopped nut. Making it crispy and super squishy with chickpeas on the inside.  A good falafel is deep-fried to perfection, creating a golden brown exterior that serves as a vessel of goodness. Some add flour to the mix to help as a binder and to have more crisp. Put it in a crispy sesame bun and you will experience a different dimension of crispiness all in one bite.

Herbs and Spices

Without the spice, it will just be a crispy hummus. So to create the falafel’s symphony, you will need different spices. It’s like an explosion of flavours. You can taste the cumin and coriander, with a lingering aroma of turmeric. It’s going to be a dazing experience. Make sure to keep these spices at home and shop online using discounts, so you can have a taste of amazing falafel dish anytime. You will get lost in flavours and aroma that will keep you coming back for more.

Tahini sauce

The best condiment that goes well with falafel. Like ketchup to a fries. It goes hand in hand and complements one another. It’s a combination of sesame seeds, salt, and oil. Depending on your preference, some add garlic or it has this smooth consistency that just drips on the surface of the falafel. You canshop onlineor buy it at your local grocery store.