Dishes that Go Well with Falafel


Falafel is a one-of-a-kind food that originated from the Middle East. It is a sumptuous dish is enjoyed around the world by locals and tourists who made the dish more of their own based on the ingredients that they have and the kind of taste that the people prefer. But basically, a falafel is a deep-fried ball, flat-shaped, or doughnut-designed patty which portions of ground beans or peas which you can buy using Woolworths rewards card promo code. This dish is commonly wrapped in a pita, a flatbread, or a taboon, as Arab countries refer to it.

Falafel can be enjoyed on its own. You can eat it whether you are in a mall shopping for clothes with Sephora promo code deals, looking for shoes using all available Nike promo codes, or even while checking new mattresses using ghostbed discounts. But you can also gobble a falafel with other dishes.

Falafel Burger

Falafel has evolved into new ways of preparing the dish. From the humble beans and peas that it was once made of, chefs have now experimented with the basic method of cooking a falafel and adapted it into the local culture. Whatever ingredient is most available for them, they use it.

You can now find this dish made with sweet potato, beetroot, or pumpkin. And they are used by some restaurants as an add-on to their famous burgers. Yes, they are used as a layer in their burgers. And when we talk about burgers, these sandwiches are enjoyed with a large chunk of beef patty, a touch of lettuce, tomato, a slice of cheese, and two freshly toasted buns. And what is the best side dish for a burger? Fries and drinks! You can put a twist on the usual burger by using a falafel.


Falafel Salad

Another way to prepare a simple falafel is by combining it with a salad. The falafel, in itself, is a nutritional dish. The chickpeas and the beans inside their falafel are rich sources of nutrients and vitamins that can boost the energy of the one eating. Combine it with different vegetables and a dab of fruits can be quite amazing. Since the falafel has a somewhat salty taste with the frying and the ingredients being combined, you might want to combine this dish with the sweet and flavorful taste of vegetables. If you want to add color to your salad, you can choose to put bell peppers and tomatoes on it. You may also add herbs and other nuts on the salad to make the falafel stand out on your dish. You can make the whole food presentation better if you purchase some nice plates online. Use ali express voucher to get discounts on these products.

Falafel with Hummus

Hummus is another Middle Eastern dish which goes well with falafel. You can put the falafel on a plated meal alongside hummus, sauce, pita bread, tomatoes, cabbage, and turnips. These can be a lot for some but the combination of the rich taste of the individual ingredients will make the whole meal sumptuous and delicious.