Related Services

  • Special Occasions and Events

Al Qud’s Falafel is the expert in bulk orders. We are sure to deliver on-time without sacrificing the quality of the food. Big orders will merit voucher codes that can be used on your next purchase. Please contact us at least a day before the event, so we can do preparations ahead of time. Also, provide us with details of the events such as the number of participants, location, which platters you would like to order, and or if there are special requests. Al Qud’s Falafel will never disappoint. Let us take care of the food preparations, while you take care of other essentials of the event.

  • Order Online

Good news. Alqud’s Falafel now accepts online orders. We have transitioned from phone requests to online ordering to make it more convenient for our customers. Our delivery time may vary depending on your location, but rest assured that you’ll be advised of the estimated time of arrival before making a payment.

  • Mediterranean Dish Requests

We always listen to you. If you have any Mediterranean dish that you wish to add on our menu, we are just one email away. Special dishes for special occasions such as roasted lamb and Rice-stuffed chicken are not on the menu, but we can serve them if you make a special request in advance. As much as possible, include your preference, so we can keep those in mind while recreating the said dish.