Controversial Beginnings of Falafel

Our favourite traditional dishes come with histories that moulded their taste and presentation. No fast-food chain could ever replace the real thing even withcoupon codes on products. Thanks to the people who continued keeping the recipes.

The Origins

The origin of falafel is controversial. A widely held theory is that the dish was invented in Egypt about a thousand years ago by Egyptians and somehow migrated throughout the Middle East. Other theories propose that it came from the Arabs and Turks. It was made of fava beans and was replace by chickpeas later on. Without any concrete evidence where it came from or why it was created. While the argument rages on, it becomes a common form of street food in the middle east and it grew famous in the street of Jordan known to be the Al-Quds Falafel.  You may ask for a discountbut due to their Jordanian hospitality, they might even give you a free taste.

Ancient Civilization

It dates back during ancient Egypt, It was originally made of fava beans that were preserved and to be eaten during drought and times of turmoil. They learned that soaking it in water overnight softens the beans and can easily be mashed later on. As Alexandria is a port city, it was possible to export the dish and name to other areas in the Middle East and spread like wildfires.

The Beer Paradise

It has seen an increase in the popularity of falafel since the last decades. In Germany, the areas of the former West Berlin play a pivotal role, as they host a comparatively large number of the Arab community. While the owner of the restaurant is usually Arabs, the customers are predominantly middle-class Germans that love the intriguing flavours of the falafel.

The Land of the free

During the colonial migration, many small groups of settlers came to America with their culture and food that came with them. It was commonly found in Arab and Jewish neighbourhoods and restaurants. Today, the dish is common and popular street food in many cities throughout North America and continues to grow popularity. Adding a new twist to ancient flavours of the nomad falafel.