Craving for sumptuous Mediterranean meals? Al Qud’s Falafel is ready to serve you. We are open 7 days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm.

Shawarma Platter (Beef/Chicken/Mixed)

This platter is a complete meal. Customers may choose their meat (beef/chicken) we marinated overnight before putting them on the skewers. Shawarma platter has a generous amount of meat on a bed of our signature rice with exciting sides.

Kabab Platter (Beef/Chicken/Mixed)

This platter has big chunks of perfectly cooked meat of your choice. It comes with Al Qud’s famous side dishes and sauces.

Wraps (Beef/Chicken)

If you don’t like rice, you will enjoy our wraps. Get the crispiness of fresh vegetables, the tenderness of the meat, tasty sauces and spice all in one sandwich. This is perfect for people are on-the-go.

Side dish options: salad, the vine, hummus, and fried potatoes.

Sauce options: tahini and garlic sauce.

Stand-Alone Dishes


Al Qud’s Falafel has perfected hummus. It has a rich creamy texture with a touch of tangy spice from garlic and other spices.

Homemade Salads

We are serving a Mediterranean inspired salad drizzled with our homemade dressing. All of the elements of our salad are fresh. We have partnered with local farmers to ensure that we’ll have a continuous supply of freshly harvested vegetables and spices.

Garlic Potato

This dish is our version of our french fries but made healthier. Instead of deep-frying potatoes, we oven-bake them. We also added garlic to get rid of the blandness and bring more excitement in every bite.


Here’s to our most favourite dish ever discovered, the falafel. No other restaurant can cook falafel as good as we do. There is a good reason why we are famous for it. No online shops voucher codescan ever beat the taste that Al Qud’s Falafel can bring on your table, especially if we are talking about falafel.